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About Peter 

Peter Menderson was born in Chicago and grew up in Cincinnati. He moved east for college at Tufts and for an MFA in sculpture at Yale. Early in his development as a sculptor he began making models to visualize the work and to speed up what is often a slow process. That led to an apprenticeship at an architecture firm and developed into a freelance business making presentation models for architects and their clients across the US and abroad. From model making, his ongoing curiosity about materials and how things are made led him to fascinating projects in other fields and put him in the company of a wide variety of skilled experts. Along the way he learned the intricacies of concrete and plaster forming and restoration, fine architectural millwork, glass and metal casting, and mold and pattern making. He was invited to teach graduate students at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) within the NYU Tisch School about materials and building methods and how to prototype and build their projects. And while there, he experimented with 3D modeling and printing. Peter loves making things and finds inspiration in learning about new materials and methods. He lives and works in New York City.


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