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Sulfurgraphic Printing is the process of making an image on paper using molten elemental sulfur mixed with other ingredients.

What is elemental sulfur? Sulfur is a yellow mineral that occurs naturally and is a component of most life forms. By some estimates it comprises approximately 8% of the earth by mass. It is one of the building blocks of chemistry and is element number sixteen on the periodic table. It combines readily with other atoms to form a wide variety of chemical compounds and most sulfur is locked up with other atoms in this way. The pure form of sulfur in its yellow mineral form is less common, and is found in some cases near volcanic vents and as result of industrial processes such as oil refining where it is removed in large quantities as an impurity. Yellow sulfur powder has a wide variety of uses in science, industry, and agriculture .


Sulfur has a relatively low melting point, making it 

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